Saturday 16 February 2013

Hesley Group Ltd and Terry Hoskin

Further digging into Peter Righton unearthed another worrying nugget of info.....

In 1982 Terry Hoskin started working at and, was appointed Head of Hesley Hall. An approved school in Tickhill near Doncaster.
Within 3 years of joining the company, he was promoted to the Head of all 6 privately run, secure schools within the area.

Hesley Group has had several name changes over the years, although there doesn't seem to be that many actual Director names, to be honest.... The Duedil site is linked to and accesses Companies House for all its records. You can use Twitter or Facebook to log into it. Handy lil tool I find  ;)

Might just be me, but that conjours a picture in my with me here guys, a bit stoned so u gonna have to use your imaginations here with me, but without my drugs to help you  ;)

****Ol' skool Scooby Doo trippy ripple effect****

2 guys, sat, in dressing gowns (or housecoats if you prefer) 1 either side of a roaring open fire, drink in hand, waxed moustaches gleaming in the light of the flames
 "ok, it's all coming on top again, here, you take Director fer a bit n change the name a little on the company so they won't think it's us again...
where IS that Boy? goddamn drink's empty....!"

"Ok John, we have that chappie erm, whatshisname.....Perrier,? no thats a drink....Terry....Terry Hoskin....he keeps the boys in top working order, stick him in charge of the whole bloody lot. If one of them steps out of line we know he'll give them a damn good thrashing."
"Excellent thinking Dave, and if we use his government connections like that erm Righton chappie, and that fellow that works at Eton....Oat is it? no....Rye....ah Grain, that's it....Dennis Grain, use them and we can stay hidden forever old boy."

****Scooby Doo moment****

These guys still operate under Social Work Activities with Accomodation

Central Services Hesley Hall
South Yorkshire
DN11 9HH
United Kingdom
Registered Tel: 01302866906

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