Tuesday 26 February 2013

Macur review Cotsbrook Hall status

I contacted the Macur team today to raise the issue of Cotsbrook Hall directly.
I informed them of the difficulties ex-residents were facing when trying to make a complaint against staff embers from Cotsbrook Hall to Operation Pallial.
As it stands at the moment, Cotsbrook Hall is not classified under Operation Pallial because it is in Telford. This is despite the fact it was one of many homes owned and run by Bryn Alyn Community.
I advised Justice Macur that a lot of victims were discouraged or prevented from coming forward because of the strict geographical and investigatory boundaries.

They thanked me for the feedback and agreed it would be discussed as a matter of urgency.


  1. Well at least they agreed to discuss it... we shall see what transpires.

    1. hardest job is getting them all on same page. once they are on it, we shall see if they all have same edition of the book ;)


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