Sunday 24 February 2013

The "all boys" club

Geoffrey Dickens MP speaking in the House of Commons
From Hansard
date (around 1990? will check)
'Jobs For The Boys' Could Be Failing Families
"I am gravely concerned about jobs for the boys in social services. People throughout the country have fallen down on the job, but have been moved to other authorities, sometimes with grave results. It has happened at every level and goes right to the top. If a director shows lack of management skills and is criticised by his board he is unlikely to secure a directorship of an identical company, yet in social services potential problems are laundered between local authorities.
I can give many examples, such as the former assistant director of the London borough of Brent, who is now the director of the London borough of Southwark. He was criticised in the Jasmine Beckford tragedy, and now a child has died in Southwark. I cannot go further because a court case is pending and it is sub judice, but I report that as a fact.
This week, Manchester city council appointed the former director of Cleveland social services, who was criticised by the Cleveland inquiry, and deep concern has been expressed in Manchester. I want to lay down that marker because it is causing people concern and the position must be watched."



    HANSARD 1803–2005 → 1980s → 1988 → December 1988 → 19 December 1988 → Commons Sitting
    Child Protection
    HC Deb 19 December 1988 vol 144 cc46-70

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