Tuesday 8 December 2020

Mickey Summers

 It is with a heavy heart I return once more to tell you Mickey Summers has passed away.

A true, brave warrior who fought to expose the abuses not only in his own life, but those of others. He will be truly missed.

Many of you will know him from the Beechwood and Nottingham campaigns, but he also suffered and fought in Wakefield. He joined us in the fight in Halifax in 2015.

BBC Tribute

A man who was a key campaigner in the fight to expose historical child abuse in Nottingham has died.

Mickey Summers was a victim of child sexual abuse while in the care of Nottinghamshire County Council.

His friends and sister have paid tribute to a "fighter" and "inspirational" man.

Fellow campaigner David Hollas, 61, from Cotgrave said: "He gave inspiration and hope to others - if he could fight, they could also fight."

His sister Debbie Bloud said his death was "devastating" for her and their other sister.

She said: "I am very very proud of him" and described his campaigning as, "second to none".

"He is leaving behind a legacy as far as I am concerned," she said.

Nottingham Coroners' Court said a post-mortem examination will be carried out to establish Mr Summers' cause of death after he was found at his Clifton home on Saturday.

It added the circumstances were not suspicious.


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