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Operation Delego

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Operation Delego

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Operation Delego[1] is a major international law enforcement [2] investigation launched in 2009, which dismantled an international pedophile ring that operated an invitation-only Internet site named Dreamboard which featured incentives for images of the violent sexual abuse of young children under twelve, including infants. Only 72 charges were filed against the approximately 600 members of Dreamboard due to the extensive encryption involved. Members were required to upload new material at least every 50 days to maintain their access and remain in good standing.
Dozens of law enforcement agencies were involved worldwide,[3] including Eurojust, and arrests were made on all five continents.[4] Twenty of those charged, however, are only known by their Internet handles, and as such were each individually charged as John Does and remain at large. However, some of the indictments have been unsealed as of August 2011, and the names of some of those involved in Dreamboard are available.
United States Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated at a news conference that "The board may have been the vehicle for the distribution of up to 123 terabytes of child pornography, which is roughly equivalent to 16,000 DVDs," making this the DHS's largest child porn bust in its history. Launched in 2009 by federal law enforcement, Operation Delego resulted in the arrest of 52 people in 14 countries including CanadaDenmarkEcuadorFranceGermanyHungaryKenya, the Netherlands, the PhilippinesQatar,SerbiaSweden and Switzerland, according to United States Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder. Furthermore, according to federal agents, while Dreamboard's servers were located in ShreveportLouisiana, the site's top administrators were in France and Canada.
Operation Delego is ongoing.[3]


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The list of names involved can be found under the Paedo Networks Worldwide link

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