Wednesday 17 July 2013

Operation Cathedral

Orchid Wonderland & Zandvoort

By Jacqueline de Croy - 24-01-2005 - updated 07-11-2010
In 1996, San Jose, California, a 10 year old girl is abused by the father of one of her friends, with whom she had spent the night. The man has one of the first cam, which at the time was considered "as a sophisticated computer equipment for filming and live broadcast of films via the Internet." The investigation leads to "Orchid," the first known transmission line and real-time images of real children on crime network. They twenty-three approved members, descriptions of sexual abuse perpetrated on children personally, in a chat room with secure password. They exchange photos, some of which are made with the first digital cameras connected to computers.
The abuse of the girl were broadcast live over nine states and four countries: Finland, Canada, Australia and England. The youngest victim, aged five, was filmed while undergoing specific abuse requested by at least eleven men.
Three British Club Orchid lead Scotland Yard "Wonderland" (Wonderland), a network of 180 members, which spans 46 countries. Every candidate for the club shall be appointed, approved and bring 10,000 photos different from those of other members real crimes. Each member pays a minimum fee of $ 100 per month to have access to encrypted network developed by the former KGB code file. The system is identical to the network Zandvoort: Photos are available by lot, the price depends on the severity of the crime photographed and published in pornographic magazines.
In London, a new unit called "British National Crime Squad" goes, with the help of Interpol, U.S. Customs, "British National Criminal Intelligence Service" the first international police operation, she named codenamed " Cathedral, "with only twelve of the forty-six countries involved: Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Australia and the United States. Holland apologized, since the NGO Morkhoven dismantled the Zandvoort network a few months earlier.
On 2 September 1998, the British National Crime Squad coordinates 1,500 police officers who stop simultaneously 107 members of the Wonderland network 4am. They seized 750,000 pictures and 1,800 videos paedocriminal representing 1,263, of which only 17 will be identified. The report of the Australian National Crime Authority specifies that the Wonderland network is linked to local and international pedophile organizations, including the network Spartacus himself partner network Zandvoort. The survey showed that the Wonderland networks and Zandvoort sold all two production Jean-Manuel Vuillaume, photographer and video producer paedocriminal for Toro Bravo network, active in France and Colombia.
It pays tribute to Marcel Vervloesem, who dismantled the Zandvoort network on behalf of the NGO Morkhoven unarmed, without violence or other means that his strength of conviction. He, by his work alone, exposed more than 93,000 photos and videos criminal, while 1500 police Operation Cathedral contributed only seize 500 pieces each.

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