Saturday 14 November 2015

Aston Hall Hospital, Derby.

Aston Hall Hospital, in Derby - owned by Nottingham City Council is another case about to come to the fore.

I would appeal to any survivors of Aston Hall to re-report abuses, and failings in previous investigations, to police and push now for answers.

The Nottingham CSA Action Group are working with survivors to support them as they come forward and prepare to make their statements to police.

A survivors support group can be found on Facebook

Aston Hall Hospital in Derby, was bought by Nottingham City Council in 1925 and opened a year later for the treatment of "mental defectives" 
It operated under Nottingham No.3 Hospital Management Committee (1970)
Dr Milner, born in Leeds in 1910, and graduating from Leeds University with honours in 1933, had a stint at Broadmoor and Rampton before moving to Aston Hall in or around 1947. (pg 3)

Earliest survivor we currently know of was resident approx 1957, with victims all the way through to Milner leaving in 1975.
He died in 1976 at which point his family burned all his personal papers.

Over the years, various experiments were conducted on children and high dosages of anti psychotics and anaesthetics were prescribed. This was swiftly followed by sexual abuse

Milner trawled the secure units searching for subjects for his research into the adolescent criminal psyche offering a "nicer" time in a secure unit than the standard borstal regime offered.


  1. His personal belongings were not burned.

    1. The info was supplied that his personal papers were burned.
      If you know different then please, shed light on their whereabouts.

  2. I wish I could remember my childhood instead of blocking it all out....


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