Wednesday 21 October 2015

Breach Of Information

Ok, back at the start of the year, I had an email from somebody claiming to be an employee of Prospects for Young People (Steven Elliot - ex BA director) asking for any info I could give on Elliot.
They stated they wished to know as there was some "inappropriate expenditure" on his business credit card. 5* hotels in London and gay porn mostly.
I got them to give me the site names he had been looking at and ran a check on them.
Last month I received a phone call from Wrexham council, asking for any information I could give them on Prospects for Young People, Steven Elliot and his connections to BA.
Now for the bit you aint gonna like........
Wrexham council got my phone number from NSPCC. They were also given FULL details of all the abuse I suffered in care.
NSPCC are the ones handling the phone lines for the Independent Inquiry into CSA.
I had submitted the info regarding Prospects on a research/child protection basis, not as a survivor.
The abuse I suffered has no bearing on Elliots improper use of his business account.


  1. What's with this debate about witch hunt and NSPCC and the Met and Aaronovitch that's going on this week?

  2. I stay away from things like that to be fair mate, as you should know by now.
    Probably the way he pursued ritual abuse to make his documentary

  3. It seems that NSPCC commissioned it though which doesn't make much sense


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