Sunday 27 September 2015

IICSA Meets Nottingham Support Group

A report ran on itv that the "Goddard Inquiry" was to meet with a support group for survivors....

Now, I do know this view will be unpopular with some.....but......

Erm.... why does it take a group to get their attention? 
According to the email I received, all individuals have the right to present evidence to the inquiry. 
Next steps
If you would like to attend a private session or give a written statement, you will first need to
complete the short set of questions below:
● The name and address of the institution(s) where you suffered child sexual abuse
● Your age at the time the abuse began and ended
● The year the abuse began and ended
● Did anyone in authority know about the abuse that you suffered? If yes, was there anything
they could have done about it? If no, were any signs ignored by a person in authority?
● If you would like to share your experience, would you prefer to attend a private session or
complete a written statement?
If you choose to attend a private session, we will then be able to make contact you with and
arrange a suitable time for you to attend a private session. Please note that you may have to wait
until the your local Inquiry office is opened before you share your experience with us.

The people represented by the group, each have evidence in abundance to give the inquiry.
A support group, representing all of the survivors in the area will end up running out of time on any meeting and never getting everyone's point across to the panel. In my own, personal opinion, each individual survivor needs to be contacting the inquiry and putting their own case forward.
Yes, by all means, Unite for the protests and rallies, to raise awareness and support, but why let somebody go before the panel and do a half-assed job of putting your life forward?
Only You can convey the true effect it had upon your life. The true scale of the damage.
How can you expect one man to explain dozens of lives, impacts, consequential knock-on effects, in one - or even five sessions? And who are we to put so much evil knowledge in one innocent mind?

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