Monday 10 August 2015

Subliminal Normalisation.

Ok, bit of a controversial viewpoint, but.....

In the current "child abuser around every corner" climate, we are seriously in danger of over-shadowing our children's very childhood with fear and suspicion.

Even a seemingly innocuous advert on TV can be construed in so many seedy ways, each totally out of context to the advertisers intent.

For example, I saw on tv this evening, an advert for Johnson's baby bath - or rather, I heard half the ad.
I should have been gobsmacked to hear a "silky, sultry voice" declaring that it was "bathtime is more than cleansing and moisturising [...} your touch stimulate's her senses..."
But I was not.

Every way we turn they are hammering down the door to let the paedo's in.

Every single day, normalisation of paedophilia is drip-fed into each and every mind within the Earth's population.

When will people wake up and tell the "powers that should never have been" that we will no longer accept them either "screwing us over" nor fking our kids!!!!!
Their disgusting, corrupt, unnatural acts are not welcome within civilised society, 60 years ago or now!


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