Saturday 11 May 2013

Hidden NAYPIC Report - Melanie Kleine House, Greenwich

Please note: This is classified as a "Strictly Confidential" document by NAYPIC; For Official use only.

Nevertheless it's welcome that it has now been made public as we are now aware of what NAYPIC knew and what they informed Social Services of.

More about the Greenwich Scandal can be found over at The Needle


  1. Thanks for this, good to see some transparency. About time.

  2. The People of this country have been spoon fed by MSM for far too long, "if its not in the news, then its not true" thats the reaction I have heard time and time again! up until all hell broke over Sir Vile I believe that only a hand full of people knew the extent of Paedophillia which has dominated our society far too long! Its time to wake every living person up as to whats been going on, and more important just WHO KNEW it was going on. Leon Britton for one!

  3. Who knew what, Prince Charle's letter to jimmy(Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country, Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that’) sounds like he knew very well what jimmy was up to.

    You have to ask why they closed down NAYPIC as it seems they were the only one's taking this kind of abuse seriously.

    It seems that the care system was wide open for pedo's to not only abuse some of the most vulnerable young people, and getting paid a professional salary.

    Is Britons care system a sweet shop for pedo's??.

    When i was in care there was such a fearful atmosphere, bullying was rife(mostly by other kids who had come from very dysfunctional families), this led me to not want to spend time in the home and eventually into the arms of a pedo that was able to groom me into doing what he wanted, he knew very well that us kids had been abandoned by our parents and used this against us because we were seeking adult affirmation and that was some thing that was not in great supply in the care system.

    This was 20 years ago and i have seen nothing to tell me that anything has changed, in fact i think that it has only gotten worse and they now need secret courts to harass and victimise whistleblowers that are trying to expose what has been and imo is still going on.

    KInd of like saying that because jimmy is not with the bbc anymore that the behaviour that had been cultivated over the last 40 years has now stopped, just like that, bollocks i say

    Until the prisons a overflowing with pedo mp's and the royal's that they are in the service of, queen and country come before any child.


    1. you cant honestly think ol' queenie didn't know wtf was going on within her "Royal Court".
      She must have known the guy she invited onto her barge last year during her celebrations, had been convicted for sex offences. She has advisors for that


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