Saturday 13 December 2014

Harriet Harman, Groomed At School?

Ok, so I was collating info I had gathered on abusers and schools as you all know, but I started looking at who attended those schools too.

I started with the abusers based at Colet Prep school and it's attachment to St Paul's School, London. Then I discovered a St Paul's Girls School, in the same grounds, with the same faculty as the other two schools. Age range 10-19.

Several of those faculty were paedophiles including Alan Doggett, well known member of Paedophile Information Exchange.
Doggett is known to have worked there in the mid to late '70's, so anyone passing through any of the Schools operated by Worshipful Company of Mercers would have had contact, over their 9 years in the school, with at least one member of Paedophile Information Exchange.

During this time, on the student list of St Paul's Girls School, London was Harriet Harman, who later went on to campaign on behalf of two groups of paedophiles whilst working at NCCL.
At least one of these groups contained members that were her former school tutors!

Deniability out the window??

The Mercer's btw, is Not a Limited company and seemingly has only 3 employees. To CRB all the staff incoming to the 3 schools, and other properties they own/handle, even though they are listed as based within the Mercer's Guild Building and operating as "sheltered housing" ?

I'm sorry, since when were Independent fee-paying schools, classed as sheltered housing?

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