Sunday 29 June 2014

Missing Evidence?

Just been informed that 

During my time in Erddig Road, Hightown, Wrexham (Bryn Alyn halfway house where I spent my third trimester) all daily logs from my assigned staff were; 

i,   Noted in a daily log book.
ii,  Delivered to Alison (surname unavailable, probably lived in the local village same as Claire the Cook), the secretary at Gatewen Hall.
iii, Typed up by Alison to be entered into the Unit's daily logs.
iv,  Added to the PC daily log which Alison backed up every day onto floppy disks.

Can the police confirm that every record of events in Gatewen Hall was destroyed in the fire that occurred whilst records were held overnight in a "Pickfords" Furniture Packing and Shipping Warehouse in Chester?
Were Alison's floppy disks part of that evidence?
Were all copies of the logs provided?
Or is that info not available to yourselves?
Three copies of each days events were made by the Secretary alone, for one unit. Where are they now?

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