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Institute for Sexual Medicine, Germany.

An article caught my attention today and when I tried to dig deeper through the I hit the subscription wall. All of it started out in German so please allow for a bit of dodgy translation, but I did what I do...

The SPD politician Edathy is suspected of having child pornography. The sexologists Klaus Michael Beier calls SPIEGEL in a taboo-free discussion about pedophilia.Hamburg - The case of the SPD politician Sebastian Edathy is in Germany for days violently on child pornography and pedophilia discussed. For a more rational debate, the renowned sexologists Klaus Michael Beier speaks out in the mirror: pedophile men could also exert high government offices. "In my view, in any case, there is nothing, if a pedophile man assumes a prominent position in society, as long as he takes full responsibility for his sexual preference and can control his behavior for sure," said the researchers. (Read the full story here in the current Spiegel .)
Beier is director of the Institute for Sexual Medicine at Charité Berlin and initiator of the national prevention project "No perpetrators," the pedophile men anonymous, offers complimentary therapies."Members of a sexual minority may be particularly valuable members of society because they have a very different perception of deprivation and exclusion," Beier said. It is possible that a pedophile man can change his sexual preference. "The debate on pedophilia is so difficult to perform because people cling to faith, it just need a little willpower to change his sexual orientation, "said the sexual medicine. "But that is not the case."It was important, pedophilic men to help so that they do not actively live out their passion."In Germany, approximately 250,000 people with pedophilic inclination, and if we do not treat properly, then there will be new victims of abuse over and over again," said Beier. The current criminal law is for the researcher not an effective tool in the fight against child pornography.. "The deterrent effect of the criminal law is minimal And who was caught, has to expect any rapid reaction of the legal system, the law is, in my view, therefore, ineffective In the. majority of these procedures is not a trial, but it is set against payment of a fine. "However, Beier supports the demand of CDU and the SPD, to prohibit so-called Posing images in which children were staged. "I sit down for years committed to prohibit such images, because they represent clearly an abuse is precisely because the children are used for sexual adult interests," Beier said.The sexologists also expressed its concern over the flood dramatic images that can be found on the Internet. "It is very close to that such images can also find their way also influence the behavior in the sexual fantasy world of men with a pedophilic inclination and the end."
Did screenshot what little more I could get access to:

Then I found a piece on I've highlighted the most worrying part of that article. Whilst I do accept translation can be a bit iffy, that's a bit.....

Almost daily new cases of sexual violence against children are known.Nevertheless, prevention is only a side issue in the debate. The sexologists Klaus Beier heads the project "No offenders" at the Institute for Sexual Medicine at the Charité in Berlin. Since 2005, the scientists are working there with pedophiles. For one with such pedophiles who fear to transgress in the future of children. And to those who have already sold out of children, the judiciary are not known but.Beier estimates that 40 to 50 percent of offenders are pedophiles in cases of sexual abuse. Pedophilia he defines in a video interview with Times Online as "a medical diagnosis for people who have a sexual responsiveness to the child's body."Of this distinction necessarily, the concept paedosexuality. Pedophilia describes a fantasy plane of paedosexuality is when it comes to sexual acts against children.Pedophiles go there not only to the sexual level. They fantasized that children also as the appropriate binding partner cope. "So hard to believe it is," says Beier.The pedophile inclination remains exist throughout life. Beier and his colleagues aim with her range of therapies that sufferers learn to control their behavior. They understand their project as a building block of victim protection, because they appeal to potential polluters. Why Beier also argued pronounce that offers therapy for pedophiles to be expanded and the Sexual Medicine in Germany is strengthened.However, a major problem is the social ostracism pedophile, says Beier. The sexual preference as such should not be cause for condemnation, but only the foreign-damaging behavior. "We want to encourage concerned, as early as possible to register with us and can help to commit any abuse of children."

 Dug a bit more and found a piece from 2007 on
A controversial project aimed at preventing pedophiles from acting on their sexual urges risks being shut down for lack of funds, despite reported success with its first group of patients.
A Berlin project has taken aim at preventing child molestation
Berlin’s Charite Clinic hospital shocked Germans in 2005 when it advertised for potential child molesters to take part in an experimental behavioral therapy, known as Prevention Project Dark Field.
Some 550 people responded to the ad campaign, which ran under the slogan, “Do you love children more than they want you to?” Ninety men were accepted for the initial round of therapy. On Wednesday, researchers said 20 men had successfully completed the therapy so far.
Now, 45 men with either a history of child-molestation or an urge to do so, are waiting for a slot in a group slated to start in autumn. But they may be waiting in vain. The project is in danger of folding for lack of funds.
A day at the park should be worry-free
The idea behind the novel project is aimed at preventing child molestation. The therapy, developed at the Charite Clinic, has been co-funded by the child-victim rights group Hansel & Gretel Foundation, and the Volkswagen Foundation.
No blame for desiresThe strong response to the study shows how many actual and potential pedophiles want therapy, said Klaus Beier, director of the Institute for Sexual Medicine at Charite.
“We need to offer men preventive help, so it doesn’t come to an assault,” Beier told the Associated Press. Pedophilic tendencies begin in adolescence and stay with a person for life, he added.
In the therapy, doctors tell their patients that sexual attraction to children is an unalterable part of character, like homosexuality.
People who took part in the study were promised anonymity.
The message given to the patients was, “You aren’t to blame for your sexual desires, but you are responsible for your sexual actions,” Beier said.
Learning what children really want
A key part of the course, described by the Charite as unique world-wide, is to teach the potential pedophiles, through role-playing, to understand the child's view and that they only imagined children were offering sex.
Many of those with the urge seem to want to fight it
"One aim was to teach the pedophile men to clearly pick up their warning signals. For example these could be thinking about a child often, giving a child presents or inviting a child over," one therapist, David Goecker, told dpa news service.
The men were better able to control their urges after the course of treatment, according to the researchers. In severe cases, impulse-curbing drugs were prescribed, to improve behavior controls.
There is no guarantee the patients would not molest children in the future, "but we can reduce the risk," said Goecker.
Funding is threatenedDespite the high demand and apparent successes, however, the future of the project is in danger. The Volkswagen Foundation has said it would only continue its financing of the project if additional sponsors can be found, Hansel & Gretel’s CEO Jerome Braun told news agencies.
Hansel & Gretel Chairwoman Barbara Schäfer-Wiegand called upon the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, as well as private donors and foundations, to lend their support to the therapy research.
One percent of German men are thought to have pedophilic tendencies, Schäfer-Wiegand said. These people need to be exposed to therapy “before thoughts turn to action.”
'Dark Field' outside the lawPer year, some 15,000 cases of child sex abuse are reported in Germany, but the number of unreported cases is thought to be about four times that.
The project’s official name is the Dark Field Prevention Project: “Dark Field” standing for the shadowy area outside the legal system where potential child molesters lurk.
The project is aimed at three groups of people: men who have never assaulted a child but fear they may; men who have already molested a child but were never charged, and those who where charged and completed their sentences, but who fear a relapse.

They now boast over 3000 on the books.
Not sure what I think about this, at the moment. Still processing.

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