Friday 4 November 2016

Gordon Anglesea 12 Years in Prison

There is a large public presence at the sentencing for Gordon Anglesea.

Jez Hemming ✔ @DPJezHemming
Defence counsel Tania Griffiths says Anglesea did not have a fair trial and it is "fit for appeal" _ shouts from the gallery at that point
2:24 PM - 4 Nov 2016

Tania Griffiths, defense QC in the Gordon Anglesea told the court there were "many reasons why her clients conviction was unsafe" and went on to call the verdict perverse.

She also said "publicity prejudiced a fair trial for her client Gordon Anglesea."

Anglesea staring straight at Judge Walters. Still expressionless in the dock flanked by one female guard.

Judge listening to a long list of submissions from the defence. He dismisses one point to cries of approval from the public gallery.

Tania Griffiths makes application for bail pending appeal : "I invite your honour to say that there are substantial grounds for appeal"

Judge Walters: "complainants subjected to a no holds bar attack" by cross examination
2:50 PM - 4 Nov 2016

Judge Geraint Walters stated “There is nothing in this case that leads me to believe these convictions are unsafe”

Tania Griffiths rejecting assertions made in impact statements by victims
2:56 PM - 4 Nov 2016

Defence arguing that offences are mitigated because they are not as serious as prosecution says
2:59 PM - 4 Nov 2016

Defence counsel Tania Griffiths QC talks about the effect on Anglesea’s family “It could well be could affect his police pension” (He should already have lost that!!)

Defence now comparing previous sentencing of other convicted paedophiles as mitigation in Anglesea's sentencing
3:04 PM - 4 Nov 2016

Tania Griffiths QC finishes mitigation saying: “Custody for this man will be extremely difficult”.

Judge Walters is reading through his summary and sentence... any minute now.

Anglesea looks at the floor as Judge Walters goes into graphic detail about his crimes.
3:17 PM - 4 Nov 2016

Judge Walters went on "You were the man who was in charge and that would have been transparent to all”"
"A boy who needed sanctioning would be sent to you."

Anglesea has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars.

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