Friday 23 May 2014

Operation Screen Disclosure

Operation Screen Disclosure files. 
Refusal; FOI request.

Chris Brabs, director of Calderdale social services, said 250 of the 1,500 people who stayed at Skircoat Lodge, in Halifax, over the last 20 years had been questioned.

Now, please bear in mind.... that's 250 / 1,500 children - well what about the other 1,250 of us? Did we not matter once they had their wage packet?

Operation Screen ran from October 1997 to January 2002.
Well why did the Police tell me the CPS had sealed the files in 2001??

Who the Police officer was in charge and how many officers were on the operation
Chief Superintendent Musgrove led the enquiry until his retirement in September 1998 when
Detective Chief Superintendent Mclean took over. There were 10 Police officers in total
involved in the operation.

10 Officers? Wow..... so many.

Where this information is now kept, and in what form -physical or electronic
All physical papers have now been destroyed in line with Management of Police Information
(MOPI) Guidance 2010.

So they KNEW this was coming.


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