Tuesday 28 January 2014

Joris Demmink, Dutch Ministry Of Justice Paedophile.

As the Dutch Ministry Of Justice desperately tries to sort out the long-brewing scandalous ignorance of the crimes against children perpetrated by one of their own, ex-secretary Joris Demmink, I felt it time to recap on a couple of articles I published last year.
Each was directly translated from Dutch, so please forgive the flow of the articles as I was loath to change the originals.

Failure To Protect
The designation ‘indescribable’ or ‘unbelievable’ also applies of course to the so called Case Demmink, the Dutch and now ex-secretary of the ministry of Justice, who has become by now the world’s most renewed high placed pedophile, who is no longer welcome to visit the United States and who is completely exposed on the website www.arrestdemmink.com, but the Dutch authorities up till the second week of April 2013 not launching any kind of investigation, despite increasing international pressure.
As in the case of Joris Demmink, authorities seem helpless, desperate or resistant to end this cruel story and bring the children home to their parents. It seems Dutch Parliamentary Democracy has turned into a tyrannical Pedocracy, where children’s and parents rights are denied and no justice is found. Dutch citizens are becoming more and more aware that the whole Child Care system and Service has been infiltrated by some kind of Child Robbing agency for the purpose of pornographic services to pedophiles of all ranks, high and low. http://jeugdzorg-darkhorse.blogspot.nl/2013/03/no-faith-in-dutch-family-law.html
Ministry of Justice Speaks Out
International campaigners such as US Republican congressman Christopher Smith have accused the Netherlands of failing to investigate the claims against Demmink properly. The Council of Europe, which co-ordinates the policies of 47 countries on justice and human rights, has also been highly critical.
Van Huet and Molenkamp gave signed statements to a lawyer based in Haarlem last month. Their testimony, not given under oath, states that the civil servant’s habits were the subject of a conversation in a hotel bar in 1992 during a justice department trip to London.
A female colleague is said to have described how she was expected to arrange “young boys” by telephone, “mostly around the weekend”.
“As I recall it concerned boys of Thai origin,” said Molenkamp. “I had the impression that she came to us with her disclosures because she was very much outraged.”
Among the officials said to have been present was Rita Verdonk, who went on to become justice minister in 2006.
“For officials it was the umpteenth story over Mr Demmink, his escapades and his particular attention for young boys,” said Van Huet. “A lot of high-level officials must have known about it.
“Nobody dared to come out with it publicly. The undersigned believes it would have amounted to professional suicide.”


Dutch Prosecutors Begin Investigation
Last week, Dutch prosecutors ­confirmed they are to investigate the Netherlands former justice ministry secretary-general Joris Demmink for allegedly raping two Turkish boys.
Demmink will be questioned over allegations that he raped the boys, aged between 12 and 15, while visiting Istanbul in the ­mid-Nineties. He denies the claims and says he was not in Turkey at that time.
In 1998, his name came up during a Dutch inquiry, called the Rolodex Affair, into an Amsterdam paedophile network. The probe was shut down shortly afterwards, prompting accusations of a cover-up.
A spokeswoman for the Office of Public Prosecutions in The Hague said the Demmink case might trigger a wider investigation into British paedophiles in Amsterdam. She said: “The investigation will initially focus solely on the allegations made by the two Turkish boys.
“Whether the investigation starts to look at other things at a later stage, we don’t know, it’s too early to say.”
However, sources revealed Dutch and British police met last summer on the Isle of Wight.

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