Tuesday 5 March 2013

Tom o'Carroll back at it.

Cannot believe they allowed such a disgusting site to remain active. This individual should be taken outside and shot. First the ankles, then the kneecaps... I digress, sorry.

Thursday 28th Feb entry reads:

To be honest, it would be stretching it a bit to say that a blog described as “distasteful” by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre actually has police “approval”. A recent official statement from the quango, which has police powers and functions, is sponsored by the British Home Office, and is set to become part of a new National Crime Agency later this year, has however confirmed that the blog has been inspected and not found to be in breach of any laws.

The statement was issued in response to a complaint about Heretic TOC by a certain Dr Liz Davies, whose (WordPress) blog website describes her as “a registered social worker who, following a career in frontline child protection social work, is now a Reader in Child Protection at London Metropolitan University. Oddly, her site has a “Gallery”, which is the sort of feature you might expect to see at a porn site (or so I am told!) Sure enough, be warned, the photos exhibited here are very heavy indeed – way too scary and sickening for all but the strongest stomachs. Entirely legal, though: no kids.

http://tomocarroll.wordpress.com/ is why the nonces need shooting!

I truly believe he has re-established some for of P.I.E under a different group name and is operating on a global scale.

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  1. just like ian overton's art
    pedophilla will be legal in this country soon
    bet "mandy" mandelson is rubbing his grubby little hands together


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